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Overproof Foot Lounge



Improves circulation

Helps prevent foot and ankle injuries

Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety

Helps with headaches and migraines

Lowers blood pressure

Helps with flat feet and plantar fasciitis

Helps alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause



Decreases pain

Improves circulation

Improves range of motion



Improved blood circulation increasing oxygen supply to the brain

Promotes new hair growth and strengthens hair

Creates an almost euphoric sensation of contentment and happiness

Helps with headaches and migraines

Promotes sound sleep at night



Gives your face glow and tone

Relieves tension

Promotes circulation to your face

Reduces wrinkles

Tightens facial muscles



This ancient earth cleanse provides the elements for this rite to gently nurture the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Clay sourced deep within the ancient Earth is one of the most effective cleansing agents in nature. Combined with lavender and chamomile to soothe the skin, the clay absorbs toxins and heavy metals. The rite begins with a dry brushing of the skin to remove dead skin cells and the application of a full body macadamia clay mask. This is followed by a full body massage using luxuriously rich body butter, combining long gentle strokes with kneading and firm circular movements for relaxation and to increase circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.



Using sustainable harvested cane sugar in a macadamia crème base, the body is gently exfoliated from tip to toe. The scrub not only cleanses and softens, but also stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin. This heavenly scented exfoliating treatment stimulates new cell growth and is an excellent remedy for reducing stress. After the exfoliation, a full body application of Jindilli’s Body Nourish Crème leaves the skin soft and subtle.




Feeling a bit stiff or stressed? How about taking time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself?

  • Removal of toxins from body
  • Relief of muscle and joint pains
  • Ease of joint stiffness
  • Boost of immune system functions
  • Burn up to 600 calories pre-session
  • Increase of overall blood flow
  • Improval of metabolism by increasing fluid circulation
  • Improval of skin texture
  • Reduction of stress and fatigue


**This treatment allows clients to lie down comfortably on a massage table.  During the treatment, your head remains outside allowing the lymphatic system and organs to heal themselves.